Dienstag, 10. Januar 2017

Massacre time

Well it has been some time since last update. What story could I tell about the hiatus other than....

Right, so I'm currently working on a new release for CANNIBAL RITUAL. There's a good bunch of tracks I recorded during 2013 that were not released yet, and actually looking back on it I'm not so proud on the releases I did back then. So I decided I finally use my new remix/master tools on them (I never did master any CR before) and after some playing around I figured this sounds now more like I originally intended to.

You can already stream one of those new tracks from my Bandcamp:

Other than finishing this one release over the next couple weeks there are currently no other plans. We'll see what happens next when I'm done with that.

As for the releases announced on my previous post:

  • split tape with Dead Body Collection has been released through phage tapes in June 2016 as I found out by chance a while ago. I had send my material in 2013 and then I don't know what happened but in the end I didn't even get notified of the release (my emails are still working, fuckers!!!) nor did I get any artist copies. It's also for sale on Dead Body Collection's Bandcamp for a hefty $7!! Suck this money up your ass!! DAMN IT! I know I'm not always so much present but they should have at least tried to contact me. But whatever, FUCK THEM, BOTH OF THEM! No thanks for this awesome cooperation!!
  • "Massacred" tape was supposed to be released by some label called WGM, but I never heard back anything about that. The first track from this tape is on the Bandcamp link above.
  • split with WDA. I didn't get around to release that one.
  • 4x CDR box on Victimology? No way this is going to happen! Fuck you, Dr Alex!

Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

Cannibals are still real!

I've been busy with some non-HNW work during the last 10 months or so, but I'm still alive and doing fine!

Earlier this year Narcolepsia has released a crazy C-100 tape called "Eating guts":

The following releases have been submitted to labels some while ago and are being released some time in future:

  • split tape with Dead Body Collection on phage tapes.
  • "Massacre" tape on Robert Newsome's label (WGM)

In the next batch on Meat Hook Butchery there'll be a split with Wet Dream Asphyxiation. This has been long planned to be released as split tape but due to no label offers it will finally be released at least in digital form.

There are some more releases that I've been asked for in the past. But for now the next ones in line will be:

  • 4x CD-R box set on Victimology Recs. (thanks a lot for your patience Dr. Alex)
  • 6x CD-R box set featuring various of my projects (including Cannibal Ritual) on Altar of waste

Now get slaughtered and eaten!

Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2013

Interview with Cannibal Ritual

I have just done an interview for Musique Machine. I'm talking about the roots of my project, recording methods, cannibal movies, and of course a good portion of emo-HNW bashing!


Montag, 2. Dezember 2013

Still Thirsty For Revenge 4x CDR set

A new Cannibal Ritual release is now available on Vagary Records. 4 hours of monolithic HNW. This is a reboot of the Thirst For Revenge series and is fully dedicated to the classic Cannibal Ferox. Go grab it because they are limited to only 15 copies!

Vagary Records: http://vagaryrecords.tumblr.com

Dienstag, 15. Oktober 2013

The first physical release after my return is in the meanwhile available on Claustrophilia.

Nudo e selvaggio contains two filthy and harsh tracks. They were recorded shortly after the "Return of the Shamatari" sessions and therefore share a similar mood.

The disc on Claustrophilia is packaged in a DVD case and contains a wooden insert. It also comes with a download code for the aforementioned "Return of the Shamatari" so you can get the full Bloodcamp release for free.

Released in an edition of 25 copies so grab it up before they're gone.

Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Get massacred when the Shamatari are back

The first two releases after 3 years of inactivity are available now! They are released on my new 'online' label Meat Hook Butchery.

For more details on the new label please visit:

If you still prefer 'real' releases on tape or cdr then don't panic. A release is already in the works on http://claustrophiliarecords.blogspot.it/

Samstag, 14. September 2013

Back from green inferno - THE SHOCKING TRUTH

Maybe some of you guys remember when I’ve been doing my HNW project Cannibal Ritual and probably a handful (or two) of similar styled projects. During 2010 I suddenly had disappeared from the scene without any trace. Well now that I’m back I want to explain what happened…

While in the middle of preparing a new HNW batch I got interrupted by two guys violently breaking into my house and asking for drug money. After realizing they hit on the wrong person they took me as hostage and started to destroy everything I own. They already were on the run from the police and decided to flee straight into the jungle somewhere near Orinoco river in Venezuela. Down there they were supposed to meet with a native tribe for some coca plants and emeralds. Unfortunately before reaching the village we got attacked by ravenous cannibals. Locked in a cage in a nearby river we were struggling for days, together with a documentary filming team that had been caught before. One by one got released by the cannibals but only to be hunted down, massacred in the most gruesome way and then eaten. Luckily I got rescued by one of the tribe’s girls who couldn’t stand the terror anymore, though during our escape she got impaled by a large spile.

Now maybe you can understand that I could not reply to any messages during that time, nor finish any releases I had planned. On top of that, while Mike (I figured out that was the name of the cocaine junkie) was still in my house he erased all of my online accounts including the original HNW forum. Needless to say I don’t have any of the master recordings from previous releases. After my return all I could find was a dirty DOD Death Metal lying somewhere in a corner.

The good news however, if you want to call it like that, is that I’m no longer able to focus on a normal way of life nor take part in any social activities. There’s no other way to get over the horrors I went through but to lock myself into the basement and blast some loud harsh noise wall!